We flexibly adjust employment in your company


Temporary work

Time saving

Deciding on temporary employees from our agency, you do not waste time on the recruitment process. We deliver to your company our permanent and reliable employees and, if necessary, we recruit new personnel in an effective way, depending on your needs (planned period of employment, location, number of employees). Responsibility for the entire process of employee recruitment and employment lies with us (working time settlement, payroll processing, absenteeism, insurance). You can focus on developing your business during this time

Employment flexibility

By introducing temporary employees to your company, you gain the opportunity to properly adjust the employment to the current needs of your company. Cooperation with us will allow you to respond appropriately to the changeability of the industry in which you operate and the fluctuations of the labour market. This is a chance for your company to achieve the best efficiency and reduce costs (e.g. no need to hire employees during downtime).

Trial period without obligation

Hiring a temporary employee can be an ideal opportunity for your company to check the person you want to hire permanently. With the agency’s “trial period”, you can test the skills of a potential full-time employee in realistic conditions without any obligation. This form of recruitment guarantees employment of a person best suited to the human resources needs of your company.

Cooperation with the best

Candidates who come to your company are people who have passed the recruitment and selection process. This ensures that you open the doors of your business to the best possible employees. You don’t waste time meeting people without the right qualifications or experience. By deciding on “try & hire”, you are paving the way for yourself to reach the best qualified employees.


HR and payroll services

Activities from outside to inside

Doesn’t your company have a human resources and payroll department? Or do you lack qualified staff? Outsourcing of services related to the settlement of working time and payment of remunerations is the best solution in such situations. You gain time to develop your business, and your employees are served by specialists who are responsible for their reliable accounting.

Comprehensive service

Handing over HR and payroll services to a temporary employment agency means that your company has no obligation to pay remunerations, prepare and control HR documents, obtain necessary legal notifications and documents, carry out health and safety training courses, monitor working time, prepare contracts and annexes, issue certificates of employment, and control employee absenteeism (sick leave, holiday leaves, etc. ).

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