We take care of excellent relations with entrepreneurs and we can precisely respond to the needs of the changing market by constantly improving our offer.
Our priority is to combine the convenience of employers with the safety of employees.

Many years of experience and cooperation with companies from various industries on the market allows us to operate effectively. We have developed standards and work processes in our agency, thanks to over twenty employees take care of the comfort of employees and employers. We conduct direct recruitment outside our country so that each of our clients has access to experienced and reliable employees.

Prosupport services have already been appreciated by over 1000 people from abroad. Each of them willingly returns to Poland and works with our help.

We know very well how important is the effectiveness of people on every position in a developing company. This is one of the reasons why we have made sure that the fluctuation is as low as possible. Our team of coordinators is in constant contact with the employees, which ensures them a high level of comfort of work and life in Poland. We take care of close contacts with each of contract’s parties, making the employment pleasant, simple and effective.


Cost reduction

  • Invoice once a month
  • Settlement of the actual number of hours
  • No cost of holidays or sick leaves

Access to professionals

  • Employee ready for work
  • Qualifications
  • Medical examinations and health and safety at work

Recruitment time

  • Posting of a new employee to replace the unsatisfactory one

Administration of staff

  • Full employee documentation
  • Work permit
  • Accommodation